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For printed ads

Durability of print advertising depends on several factors.


1. The material from which it is made. Each film has a certain strength and durability. If you execute advertising on the foil so the short-term economic and not liczmy its long life. Each film behaves differently in the sun and the cold. In addition, each film reacts to the printing ink and the solvents contained therein.


2. the preparation of the substrate before fixing. Improperly prepared substrate does not guarantee a good adhesion of the film to the body and over time it is peeling.


3. The state of the vehicle body.


4. The protection of print before you put on the car. What and what quality material has been secured.


5. the type of ink which has been printed advertising. Cheap printer ink, unfortunately, have it to yourself, that despite the coating / laminating after year can fade. It is cheaper but something for something.


6. from taking care of advertising. It is not obvious to all users but with us you will learn what to do to advertising has long been in good condition.


In general there are many factors wpływającyh the durability of print advertising. The most important for the customer is HOW LONG ADVERTISING survive? the answer is over - it all depends on the above factors. Generally well done ad should survive on the car four years without visible spots of color.